Lithium: The challenge turn into an opportunity

The only way is up for Lithium demand.

Growing demand for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, 5G devices, and IoT infrastructure is driving the lithium market forward. The market is also influenced by supply and demand dynamics, pricing trends, and government policies supporting renewable energy.

EV market faces many decades of strong, compound growth. For any supply chain that relies on getting raw materials out of the ground, it is going to be a supreme challenge to keep up with year after year of high compound growth.

Supply issues may create a 5- to 6-year window for sustained higher lithium prices.

Projects that are the first to market can command a high market valuation.

Solid exploration strategies, like Newfoundland Discoveries, represent an exceptional opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity.

Demand for lithium has skyrocketed in the last two years and shows no signs of abating any time soon:

  • Decarbonization is real, and it is causing a dramatic shift in global metal demand.
  • Investments in new and existing lithium battery plants are increasing at an alarming rate.
  • The scale of today’s lithium mining dwarfs, in comparison to what is needed in the coming decades as world needs 300 TWh of batteries by 2050.

Prices have continued to increase, touching a high of over $80,000 USD/mt for LiOH. Investing in lithium has become one of the most promising and less risky in mining portfolios

Recycling is not enough to meet the future demand

  1. Copper wiring, plastic (pipes, tubes, door, pumps, detergent drawers),
  2. Stainless stee/ outer casino and drum can be re-manufactured with often homogenous sizing and little corrosion, aluminium transmission
  3. Return to manufacturer/ service provider who will reuse all salvageable parts
  4. Second hand sales, sharing of goods

Although it is possible to recycle Lithium-ion batteries, this is a complex process that’s requires the a solid circular battery economy to work, where recycling plants have to match the output of manufacturing plants, which is still far from our close future. According to experts, it could be another decade before solutions truly meet the needed scale of the increasing demand coming

Recyclability forecast

Battery raw materials, which are critical for energy transition, are recycling laggards.

Meet the Sugaree Lithium Project

Newfoundland Discoveries flagship project is located in the Quetico Suprovince, which comprises a sequence of metamorphosed sedimentary rocks, where the Lithium mineralization  is hosted in spodumene-bearing pegmatites that intrude the metasedimentary rocks of the Quetico and English River Groups.