Johnathan’s Pond Properties


  • Metals of Interest: Gold
  • Location: Newfoundland, Canada
  • Surface Area:  366 claims covering 91.5 km2


  • July 14th, 2021 – Newfoundland Discovery enters purchase and sale agreement for 100% interest in 5 properties
  • 366 claims covering 91.5 km2  Located within the Exploits Subzone along the highly prospective NE trending Dog Bay-Appleton-GRUB Line fault system
  • Johnathan’s Pond South – Project host to Sigmoidal Fault to Gander Lake Sigmoidal Fault and hosts splay faults off the GRUB line
  • Float samples down ice of the claims assayed up to 700g/t Au
  • The area hosts extremely high gold-in-tills and heavy mineral concentrates up to 400 g/t Au which has not been sourced
  • Double L – Adjacent to New Found Gold and Sassy Resources exploration projects
  • Haili Brook – NE-SW geophysical anomaly covers project located between New Found Gold’s Queensway & Eastern Pond areas
  • Paradise Lake Project – 1980’s: Gold in till identified, Gold showing discovered in 2001