Goldson Gold Projects


  • Metals of Interest: Gold
  • Location: Located on or adjacent to the New World Island, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Surface Area: The Claims Package combines the Central Gold Goldson North (“GSN”), Central Gold Goldson South (“GSS”) and Central Gold Goldson West (“GSW”) properties into the Goldson Properties.


 The area is accessible by causeway from the mainland part of the island and the properties can be accessed by road and by boat.

Regional & Local Geology

The properties lie in the northeastern corner of the Exploits Subzone (Dunnage Zone) of Central Newfoundland. The GSN property is underlain mostly by the Ordovician Badger and Chanceport groups and the Cambrian Twillingate Pluton to the north. The GSS property is underlain mostly by the Ordovician Dunnange Melange. The GSW is underlain mostly by mafic volcanics of the Chanceport and Moreton’s Harbour groups.